Realizing Your Goals As A Professional Writer: Keys To Success

by Ezekiel Kristek

Most writers will tell you that they did not achieve their level of commitment and success without following a set list of their own guidelines. Here, I will briefly discuss five possible keys to any writer’s success in the future:

Five Quick Tips:

  • Try new structuring techniques on your next project. This technique can include, but is not limited to the use of flowcharts, flashcards, or plotting out each piece of the puzzle through software tools such as spreadsheet or even power point.
  • Try to attend at least one writer’s conference a year. Writers will be given advice here and there to attend conferences or seek out professional opinion, but planning the perfect and specific conference to meet your own needs is something that can really win you and your future employers over.
  • Pick one weak point in your writing and focus on that. This seems like something so simple, and at the same time impossible for us to pin point in some cases.
  • Find at least one writing/critique partner. This is something that we at times try to avoid as criticism needs to be met with acceptance and desire for improvement. However, it isn’t always easy to hear what we don’t want to. Finding one person to rely upon for constructive criticism can help us continue to work toward our goals of perfection with each piece.
  • Apply yourself to becoming a more apt student of your own language. An exceptional writer also knows his/her own language. When you aren’t hindered by your own language, you can focus more on other features such as beautiful imagery or structure.


Some writers prefer to write in the moonlight, while others do well with a cup of coffee in one hand and the raindrops before them. These are five of many keys to writing success. Find your own and continue to pave your path toward a successful writing career. Best of luck!

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