The Importance of Technology in Professional Writing

by Kalynn Ocel

Many people think that all professional writers do is write. These people would be wrong. It is difficult for a professional writer to be “just a writer.” A professional writer must be a jack-of-all-trades, especially in today’s modern world. Not only must we write the content, but we should also have knowledge on current technology.

Technology is a big influence on how professional writing evolves. Technology is constantly changing, always improving to make our lives easier. But amidst all of the change, there is more and more that us writers must know. As professional writers, we must know how to write efficiently to get our message across to the reader. This includes knowing how to write for a digital audience.


The digital audience is a large one, and it is difficult to capture and retain their attention. The digital audience has a short attention span, so as the writer, we have to speak with more than words. There has been an increase in the number of people accessing information digitally… we just have to know how to communicate with them.


We must be familiar with current technology, because writing alone will not sway readers. The words are important, but people also respond to:

  • Infographics (graphs, charts, etc).
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Many more…


The goal is to get our point across in as few words as possible. Because of the digital reader’s short attention span, we have a limited time to capture their attention. These visual aids grab the reader’s eye and keeps them reading. They help to keep our writing clear and concise, but they are still able to tell our story.


It wouldn’t hurt to know how to make infographics and videos, or how to code a website. These jobs can be passes along to someone else, but in today’s digital age, they don’t need to be. Professional writers are incredible people. They can meet impossible deadlines, communicate effectively, and now create digital content for the digital community.


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