Collaboration on a Pediatric Unit

My colleagues and I have completed a research project at a pediatric facility recently.  We wondered if the clinicians who work on a unit see themselves as a team.  In what aspect of collaboration do they think they excel and where do they not? Finally, is there a connection between family satisfaction and the degree of collaboration they perceive on a unit?   Three open-ended questions asked their opinion on what worked well and where they were in need of education or process change.   We are finishing up a manuscript soon.

Are you working on or interested in this area of research- collaboration in practice, or are you involved in organizational development to improve collaboration between the professions to improve patient care and patient and family satisfaction?

Becoming an interprofessional community of practice

I am interested in hearing from others involved in interprofessional education who follow or are interested in a community of practice theoretical framework for your program design.  I think we could learn from each other or potentially collaborate in research.

My doctoral research in 2006 used a constructivist grounded theory approach to understand the phenomenon of interprofessional learning experiences among a group of graduate students, faculty and administrators. Processes of building community and making meaning of the experience were themes that related to the Wenger Community of Practice (CoP) model (Wenger, 1998).  The findings indicated that the participants were able to initiate an interprofessional CoP based on the markers of the Wenger model.

Becoming an interprofessional community of practice

Since that research I have worked with colleagues at Chatham University to develop a program for five disciplines that places students in interprofessional learning communities over a two year period with five learning sessions. Program design and development are explained in this publication from Nurse Educator 40 (1), 2015.

Developing communities of interprofessional practice

I would love to hear from you if you have worked with this model, done research or are interested in the application of the CoP model to interprofessional education.