Emily Hopkins, Ph.D. Nursing


To explore different IT modalities to enhancing teaching through the recording of instructions and different course related topics for students.

Planning Process

Different recording options were explored such as Panopto, Doceri, and Camtasia Studio for feasibility and ease of use.  It was determined that Panopto was one of the easiest ways to provide feedback verbally to students for things such as course updates, feedback on discussion forums, and any further instruction on course assignments.  However, Panopto was not the best method for detailed power point slides because of the size of the slide being reduced and not fitting the entire computer screen.  Camtasia Studio was found to be expensive.  Fortunately, it was available for use in CCPS and could display the entire slide being presented.  Although I was unable to zoom in to emphasize parts of the slide— the mouse could be used to move the arrow over important content which was then recorded on the screen.  Given Camtasia Studio was less accessible for use—it was decided to use it for recording content that could benefit the DNP program at large, rather than for individual courses.



The plan did change some—since originally, I was hoping to record many lectures for several new MSN courses.  Instead—Panopto was used for weekly updates and to assist with preparation for course exams.  However, it was determined that updating our eIRB instructions for all DNP students could be done with Camtasia Studio.  In the future, Camtasia Studio may also be used to assist all MSN students with their PBworks ePortfolios.


Overall, use of Panopto and Camtasia Studio worked nicely. At this point there is nothing I would change about using either.


Panopto assessment was done informally—by noting comments in student emails, through phone conversations with students, and comments noted on teaching evaluations. Many stated it was a nice personal touch and they felt a connection in being able to see me.  The Camtasia Studio IRB recording will be evaluated informally through student comments as well as nursing faculty in noting if the presentation helped with their advisee’s eIRB submission.

Perceived/Determined Value and Next Steps

Recording myself really taught me the value of being organized for sounding professional.  Often, I had to do several attempts as I wanted to talk directly to them and not read off a scripted note.  I am planning to use Panopto for further instructions on specific course assignments—That way a student can read over the assignment guidelines and make notes as to its expectations as I am talking to them.   For Camtasia Studio, I will be looking for other opportunities to record projects that will assist cohorts of students in any of our nursing programs.  I may also still consider it for future MSN lectures—though it will require lots of prep and recording time and may be difficult to coordinate with schedules in CCPS.

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