Cohort 9 2018-2019

Projects: Coming Soon!              Implementing Turnitin and Problem-Solving Videos to Enhance Learning My first project I implemented Turnitin to help my students to develop their skills in writing scientific reports and reviews. The second project I created problem-solving videos to enhance student learning. Many students (first year and more senior students alike) […]

Karen Kingsbury, Ph.D. International Studies

Overview Over the course of the year, I investigated and experimented with several technologies, with the following results: iPad as digital reader useful for this purpose: will continue to use it reduces financial and resource (paper) costs access to other readers’ highlighting of a given text is an interesting feature it’s best to stick with […]

Emily Hopkins, Ph.D. Nursing

Overview To explore different IT modalities to enhancing teaching through the recording of instructions and different course related topics for students. Planning Process Different recording options were explored such as Panopto, Doceri, and Camtasia Studio for feasibility and ease of use.  It was determined that Panopto was one of the easiest ways to provide feedback verbally […]