Cohort 3 2012-2013


Tracy Bartel

Dr. Tracy Bartel, Education

Online Discussions with VoiceThread

Dr. Tracy Bartel used simSchool, VoiceThread, and other instructional technologies to help with her courses and generally had great success with all of them.






Sherie Edenborn

Dr. Sherie Edenborn, Biology

iClicker, Moodle, Online Quizzes and More

Dr. Sherie Edenborn found that using iClicker and Moodle to host online quizzes did require more work than paper ones did, but that students were happier with online quizzes than paper ones. Overall, the positive attributes outweigh the negative.






Dr. Vadas Gintautas, Physics

Dr. Vadas Gintautas, Physics

 Flipping the Class with Google Moderator

 Dr. Vadas Gintautas used Google Moderator to solicit and aggregate responses in his Physics class on several topics.





Joe MacNeil

Dr. Joe MacNeil, Chemisty

Engaging Student with Poll Everywhere

Dr. Joe MacNeil used a variety of instructional technologies such as Poll Everywhere, AirServer, and CreateDebate with mixed results from his chemistry students.






Ingrid Provident

Dr. Ingrid Provident, Occupational Therapy

Paperless Grading with Panopto

Dr. Ingrid Provident used Panopto to give feedback and interact with students more directly. Students feel that the technology is helpful and necessary in the classroom.






Debra Wolf

Dr. Debra Wolf, Nursing

iPad to Support Paperless Grading in the Online Class

Dr. Debra Wolf outlined her goals for guiding faculty and nursing students in instructional technologies. She looked specifically at iPad apps, such as Evernote and iAnnotate for paperless grading, as well as Voicethread and Screencast-O-Matic for audio feedback.






Jason Woollard

Dr. Jason Woollard, Physical Therapy

SMARTboards, Poll Everywhere in Problem-based learning

Dr. Jason Woollard used SMARTboards and Poll Everywhere to make PBL sessions more interactive and “assess students’ understanding of course concepts.” His biggest highlight is that Google Drive allows students to instantly send and receive information to one another in one convenient location.

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