Cohort 4 2013-2014


Andres Carrillo

Dr. Andrea Carrillo, Exercise Science

Flipping the Classroom with Panopto Student Presentations

Dr. Andres Carrillo had students create online Panopto presentations instead of using classroom time for the presentation freeing up regularly scheduled time for other activities.






Katie Cruger

Dr. Katie Cruger, Communications

Using Turnitin’s “GradeMark” features to Increase Efficiency and Efficacy of Written Comments

Dr. Katie Cruger focused her attention on grading student papers electronically and had much success with the new GradeMark feature in Turnitin.






Greg Galford

Dr. Greg Galford, Interior Architecture

ePortfolios for Visual Communications

Professor Greg Galford explored many different options for creating electronic portfolios for his Interior Architecture students and ultimately decided on Portfolium, a cloud-based tool.






Kristin Harty

Dr. Kristin Harty, Education

Online Student Group Projects with VoiceThread

Dr. Kristin Harty needed to find a way to connect students for an online project. She turned to VoiceThread for a solution.







Emily Hopkins

Dr. Emily Stevens Hopkins, Nursing

Feedback for Online Students using Panopto

Dr. Emily Stevens Hopkins used Panopto to provide group feedback on course questions, discussion forums, and to provide any tips or updates with course work.  She also created an eIRB presentation using Camtasia to assist all Doctorate of Nursing Practice students with their IRB proposal submission.






Anthony Isacco

Dr. Anthony Isacco, Counseling Psychology

Poll Everywhere for Increasing Student Engagement

Dr. Anthony Isacco explored a variety of technologies to enhance his teaching including Panopto, Poll Everywhere, various iPad apps and the TED talk style of presentation.







Karen Kingsbury

Dr. Karen Kingsbury, International Studies

Creating Non-Linear Presentation with Prezi

Dr. Karen Kingsbury explored Prezi and VoiceThread and ultimately decided that Prezi suited her goal of bringing flexibility and non-linear visuals to an audience.







Debby Rubin

Dr. Debby Rubin, Social Work

Using Panopto for Faculty/Student Interview Feedback

Dr. Debby Rubin wanted her students to refine their interviewing skills in her Social Work classes, so she turned to Panopto to help her address this issue.





Joyce Salls

Dr. Joyce Salls, Occupational Therapy

Active Learning with Video and VoiceThread

Dr. Joyce Salls experimented with several technology tools with the goal of increasing student engagement and active learning.






Sheryl St. Germain

Dr. Sheryl St. Germain, MFA

iPad VoiceMemo for Student Feedback

Dr. Sheryl St. Germain primary objective was to enhance and improve my teaching with technology, and to be able.


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