Cohort 5 2014-2015



Dr. Ali

Dr. Ali Abdulrahman, Biology

Exploring Assessments with Moodle Quizzing

Dr. Ali Abdulrahman main project goal was to gain confidence in using technology, especially with Moodle online quizzes and tests.





Professor Bill Biss, Interior Architecture

Professor Bill Biss, Interior Architecture

Enhancing Off Campus Site Visits with VoiceThread 

Professor Bill Biss used VoiceThread as a means for his Interior Architecture Graduate Building Systems students to extend site visit experiences.




Steve Karas

Dr. Steve Karas, Physical Therapy

Strengthening Problem-Based Learning with Panopto Videos

Dr. Steve Karas original plan was multi-focused. He wanted to create an online elective in manual physical therapy.  Second, he wanted to incorporate more technology in my teaching.  The first goal was specific and focused, and the second a bit more open-ended.



Dr. Prajna Parasher

Dr. Prajna Parasher, Film and Digital Technology

Screening Cool: Packing and Unpacking the Tech/App Toolkit 

Dr. Prajna Parasher used Curator and other iPad applications to address her goal of giving students an opportunity to combine visual and spoken elements to layout a treasure hunt of thought, thinking and creative possibility.




Chad Rittle

Dr. Chad Rittle, Nursing

Visualizing Case Studies with ThingLink

Dr. Chad Rittle focused on implementing tools the enhance his online courses using ThingLink, WizIQ and OneDrive.




Jodi Schreiber

Dr. Jodi Schreiber, Occupational Therapy

Creating Engaging Online Interactions with EDPuzzles

Dr. Jodi Schreiber explored tools to enhance adult learning through visual modes. She explored EDPuzzle, TED-Ed, and WordPress.





Kathleen Spadaro

Dr. Kathleen Spadaro, Nursing

Using Explain Everything, an Interactive Screencasting Whiteboard iPad App at Assist Online Students 

Dr. Kathleen Spadaro wanted to expand her technology knowledge in order to enhance her online courses, she utilized Prezi, Facebook, and Explain Everything, an iPad app.



Shelia Squillante

Professor Sheila Squillante, MFA

Enhancing Student Writing Projects with a Variety of  Online Tools

Professor Sheila Squillante wanted to explore how to connect her low-res MFA students, so she explore using Panopto, Moodle Discussions, Skype, and Storify.




Peggy Stubbs

Dr. Peggy Stubbs, Psychology

Making the Shift: Using Online Tools in an On Ground Class with VoiceThread and Panopto

Dr. Peggy Stubbs used to year to explore her own professional growth and to learn more about teaching online.


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