Cohort 9 2018-2019


John Dubé

John Dubé, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Biology

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Nataliya Myshakina

Nataliya Myshakina, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Implementing Turnitin and Problem-Solving Videos to Enhance Learning

My first project I implemented Turnitin to help my students to develop their skills in writing scientific reports and reviews. The second project I created problem-solving videos to enhance student learning. Many students (first year and more senior students alike) search internet sources to watch practice videos on problems/questions solved in class. There are not always suitable or similar examples could be found on Internet, that is why I decided to create my own library of instructional videos which will explain problems/questions very similar to those covered in class and used in tests or exams.


Chris O'Brien

Christopher O’Brien, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology

Using Zoom and Padlet to Increase Student Engagement

My project incorporated the use of several technologies, Zoom and Padlet, into my Critical Thinking in Psychology (PSY217W) course in the fall of 2018. The purpose of this course is to teach students the skills to engage in critical reading, writing, and thinking as they consume information within the discipline of psychology.





Jean-Jacques Sene

Jean-Jacques Sene, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History; Cultural Studies; Conflict Studies

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Lora Walter

Lora Walter, DNP Assistant Professor of Nursing


Engaging Students with Flipgrid Discussions

Flipgrid is a video discussion platform that is simple to use and can be accessed through any smartphone, tablet, or computer.  It gives students a voice and educators a means of creating a communicative learning environment.  Students are able to respond to the videos posted by the instructor or peers by reacting, responding, and sharing their own videos.  Flipgrid has many features which students are familiar with thus leveraging the elements of social media to engage students in the classroom and promote communication.


Gina Zanardelli

Gina Zanardelli, Ph.D. Associate Professor & Field Placement Coordinator


Using Padlet to Make Traditional Paper Activity More Engaging  

My goals in tech fellows were to increase student engagement in class and to help students learn more about ways technology can be useful as they pursue careers as mental health professionals.



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