Dorothy’s Bird in the Nest

Dorothy’s Bird in the Nest Recipe


Staple breakfast ingredients with a creative twist, Bird in the Nest is a sure way to start off the morning on the right foot. This dish is great for beginners as it has simple instructions, but also allows for improvisations from the cook to add something different. (Not recommended for cooks 8 years old and younger. Adult supervision recommended for ages 8-12.)

Recipe Roots: Dorothy “Brown Sugar” Bradshaw grew up with cooking being a large part of her upbringing. She learned the craft of cooking from her mother, who learned what she knew from her own mother. Dorothy has also taught her son, Darrell, the art of cooking and survival. Dorothy’s passion for cooking is well known by her peers, so much so that she has often been asked to teach some of the young girls at her church a little bit of her kitchen wisdom. But don’t worry, Dorothy was happy to take these cooking novices under her wing! She often began teaching cooking using simple recipes like Bird in the Nest.



1 slice of bread

1 whole egg

1 tab of butter or margarine

Seasoning to taste (optional)


Items needed:

Black skillet or frying pan

Small water cup (glass or plastic)

Butter knife





For children: it is advised to have a parent or guardian help with this recipe.


Total time: 10 mins

Your safety tip for today: Stay focused and be aware of what you’re doing. Paying attention to instructions is key, particularly for beginners.



  1. Wash your hands very well with soap and water. You will know you are done when you have sung the Happy Birthday song. Rinse well, dry your hands.
  2. Take your slice of bread and place it onto the plate. Take your water class and press the mouth side (the end you drink from) centered in the middle of your bread slice. Twist gently to form the circle and take out the bread* from the center.

*(a cut-out circle)

  1. Butter your bread on both sides — this will help the slice become toasted and turn golden brown when on the skillet. Make sure butter is soft beforehand or it will tear the bread.
  2. Take your egg and crack it on the side of your bowl. Leave it whole and try not to get any shells inside. If shells do end up in the bowl, take the shells out with a spoon.
  3. Turn on the conventional burner on top of the stove and set to medium high. Place your skillet on the flame. Wait until the skillet has heated up about a minute (not steaming), then place your bread in the middle of the skillet. Wait another minute, then turn it over with your spatula. Your slice of bread should be golden brown.

Note: Supervision with children is essential at this step.

  1. Then take the bowl with the egg and pour your egg in the middle of the bread. Try to keep the yolk in the middle where you cut out the circle. Egg will likely only take a minute to cook. Using your metal or hard spatula, slide it under the bread and turn it gently to cook the egg on the other side another minute.
  2. Take your spatula again and scoop your bread out of the skillet and place it on your plate.
  3. Turn the flame off under the skillet and turn the skillet handle towards the wall away from you. (Always do this to avoid the skillet being hit or falling to the ground.)
  4. You may garnish it with ever you prefer — enjoy your Bird in the Nest with hot sauce, ketchup, or enjoy plain. Bon appétit!


P.S.  Upon completion of your meal, it’s time for you to wash and dry all items used. Replace items that need to be refrigerated back into the refrigerator.

Until we meet again,

-Brown Sugar


Thank you for your recipe, Dorothy!


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