Dorothy’s Non-Cook Pudding Pie

Dorothy’s Non-Cook Pudding Pie

Here is Dorothy’s set up prior to making her own pie! She chose to make hers using pistachio pudding mix.

This simple recipe is perfect for a hot summer day when you don’t want to turn on the oven. These pudding pies are something sweet without being too sugary. A great dessert to make with kids (ages 5 and up) means everyone can help make the pie and eat it too! Each pie serves approx. 10 people. Cleaning up is easy as pie, too.

Recipe Roots: Dorothy Bradshaw grew up with cooking being a large part of her upbringing. She learned the craft of cooking from her mother, who learned what she knew from her own mother. Dorothy’s passion for cooking is well known by her peers, so much so that she has often been asked to teach some of her friends’ and relatives’ daughters a little bit of her kitchen wisdom. But don’t worry, Dorothy was happy to take these cooking novices under her wing!


Milk (don’t use soy milk )

One pack of pudding in flavor of choice

Cool Whip 8oz. tub (or similar whipped topping substitute)

Optional: can always add the following fresh fruit pieces ,cookie pieces, raisins, nuts, caramel, etc.

Items needed:

Spatula (one with a soft end)

Wooden Spoon



One 9” pan of pie crust (Dorothy recommends the Nabisco pie crust pan. It has a variety of flavors like graham cracker, dark Oreo, and cinnamon.)

Glass measuring cup

Total time: 15 mins prep + 4 hours to firm in the fridge

Remember: Always check for  expired dates and always wash your hands to the Happy Birthday song. It’s very important to keep the pie crust lid, you’ll use it later on in the recipe.



(Follow  the instructions on the pudding pack.)

  1. Empty the pudding mix into a bowl. Pour half of the instructed milk into the mixture, whisk. It will start to thicken. Then pour the remaining milk two minutes later, whisk.
  2. Add in all or ¾ of the Cool Whip tub. (Don’t beat.)
  3. Empty/pour mixture into pie crust.
  4. Take remaining ¼ Cool Whip and spread over the entire top of the pie. (If used all in Step 2, don’t worry — still delicious!)
  5. Use the original lid that came with the pie crust and cover the pudding pie.
  6. Set in the refrigerator for four hours (or until firm).

*Alternately: you can also place in the freezer for four hours or until firm, instead of refrigerating. Remove from the freezer 15 minutes before serving. This option is great when making ahead for family dinners, holidays, etc.

Dessert Time! Bon Appétit!

-Signing off Brown, Sugar


Thank you for your recipe, Dorothy!

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