Cathie Huber – Genuine Care

My meeting with Cathie Huber started in a fun, but awkward way. I’d gone into the line dancing room to look for people to interview, and she really wanted to be interviewed. Someone else had gotten to me first however, but she tracked me down almost as soon as I was done. She’s someone who is incredibly boisterous and passionate about every field she chooses to pursue. This has included cooking and baking, which she’s famous for at vintage, her passion also extends to line dancing and teaching, among other topics. 

After the devastation of the financial crash she decided she couldn’t let her life stay in a rut forever, and chose to pursue anything she believed could give her life more meaning again. Becoming a school teacher was one outlet we talked about in depth. Cathie loved teaching in its entirety. She loved the children, loved making lesson plans, and especially loved watching the look of wonder on kid’s faces as what they learned came together. Even after her tenure ended, she would still go to nearby schools to offer on site tutoring. She would set up a table in the hallway during lunch or recess, and kids would still come for lessons. 

One of her favorite subjects to teach is cursive. It’s an art that has lost favor in recent years, and is barely taught in school anymore, which is a common topic of frustration for her. There were multiple times throughout our interview where she lamented the loss of it, especially spurred by my admittance that it had not been a skill I’d been raised with either. This is what led into our second meeting. She wanted to give me a demonstration on her cursive lessons. The result was, honestly, a lot of fun. I won’t get into the specifics on what her lesson plans entailed, I don’t believe I had permission for those particular secrets, but I can attest firsthand to her passion for teaching. It didn’t matter that I was 20, her teaching wasn’t patronizing. She was genuinely excited anytime I improved at a letter, offered honest criticism. You could hear the enjoyment in her voice, feel how much fun she was having emanating from her. She’s someone who cares. She’s been hurt and damaged a few times over the course of her life, but she still cares all the same, and does whatever she can to spread positivity to the people she meets. 

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