The goal of Westinghouse Stories…

…is to share some stories about Westinghouse High School, located in the Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh. For more than 100 years, Westinghouse High School, also known as Westinghouse Academy, also known as “The House,” has been educating young people from Homewood, Wilkinsburg, East Liberty, Point Breeze, and surrounding communities.

Westinghouse Stories is a collaborative effort between the WHS4EVER alumni association and Chatham University to preserve the history of the school, its students, teachers, staff, principals, and parents through oral histories.

The House has a long, rich history of countless victories and success stories, challenges and turning points, and important and interesting events. This website contains only a small fraction of those stories, drawn primarily from the Westinghouse Stories oral history project. Hopefully, they will serve as a starting point for learning about the school and its history.