Chatham joins universities across the country taking steps to becoming a sanctuary campus

Author: Emma Honcharski

Over 50 Chatham University students filtered out of their classrooms at 3 p.m. on Wednesday November 16 to meet on the Quad, taking part in a nationwide movement of walkouts at colleges and universities as a response to President-elect Donald Trump’s anti-immigration policies. The walkout and peaceful protest called on administration to identify Chatham as a sanctuary campus.

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Chris Musick: A World Traveler

Author: Edymar Hurtado

Living in a small town in Indiana, Chris Musick developed his love for adventures while he was having a Tom Sawyer childhood. With a river beside his house, he spent most of his time building forts, making fires and camping. These were only the first steps for later becoming a world traveler and later being the Assistant Vice President of International Affairs at Chatham University.

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Chatham and PCWP Discuss Trump at Post-Election Panel

Author: Atiya Irvin-Mitchell

Unpredictable. Traumatic. Discriminatory. Unprecedented. Those are the words alumnae, students, and faculty have used to describe the impending Trump Administration. In the days that followed the news of who the country’s next president would be, waves of shock and disappointment were felt throughout Chatham’s campus. President Finegold sent a campus-wide email of reassurance, some took the day off, the Carriage House’s lounge became a designated safe space; but life goes on.

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The Case for Thanksgiving

Author: Ross Hsu

Thanksgiving is complicated. In its modern form, the holiday is almost entirely secular, and pretty indistinguishable from other harvest festivals around the world, aside from the distinctly American food and football. Thanksgiving is also a historical account, and an amalgam of different holidays and traditions, and, on the whole, is a myth. But it’s a good myth.

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Women’s Basketball Starts the Season with a Victory

Author: Jack Ridenour

Basketball season is back, and the women’s team continued their winning ways in the first game of the season. On Tuesday November 15, the Cougars defeated the Franciscan University Barons from Steubenville, Ohio by a score of 71-58. The Cougars were led by sophomore guard Katie Sieg with 12 points; junior guard Megan Sieg and sophomore guard Ashley McClain each scored 11 points.

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