Chatham Launches Sexual Assault Prevention Advisory Group

Author: Allison Albitz

Chatham University is excitedly launching the Sexual Assault Prevention

Advisory Group this month. The coordinator, Heather Black, Assistant Dean of

Student, created the group after hearing feedback from students. “Basically, it came

from doing so many educational sessions and we were hearing from students that

they wanted to be involved, weren’t quite sure how to bring that conversation to the

table, so I started just taking down names.”

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Chatham joins universities across the country taking steps to becoming a sanctuary campus

Author: Emma Honcharski

Over 50 Chatham University students filtered out of their classrooms at 3 p.m. on Wednesday November 16 to meet on the Quad, taking part in a nationwide movement of walkouts at colleges and universities as a response to President-elect Donald Trump’s anti-immigration policies. The walkout and peaceful protest called on administration to identify Chatham as a sanctuary campus.

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