Let There Be Posies

By Abigail Kneuss 


lately I’ve found myself blooming 

from the quiet places within me 


i did not know the sun could reach 

i am growing 

for something 

no longer 

for someone 

my mother kept the gardening gloves 

tucked inside a rusty mailbox 

as if they were being delivered to my chubby hands 

bringing hard work with them 

but also the promise of bright posies 

this is hard work 

the everyday toil 

scraping my fingernails clean 

layers upon layers 

of forgiving soil 

but no matter how harsh the rain 

let it fall 

for there is no muddy mess 

that cannot be solved 

with a garden hose 

let the sky come flooding in 

let me bloom 

until who i was 

is no longer who i am

Let There Be Posies


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