Phantom Rain

By Gryphon Ludwig 


It starts as just distortion; 

forms you can’t quite make out 

as you peer your way through the window pane, 

focusing your eyes in vain 


You think you spy distorted dew-drops 

as they don’t-do dash against the ground 

pooling for thirsts of false roots 

fed from unseen streams 


Unconscious energy 

never used and yet used up, 

but never useless 

Sunken floating 


A sea of energy to be tapped and replenished 

fed by forgotten daydreams and broken anxieties; 

sapped by the true-dream and broken hearts; 

the strange stagnant cycle 


The paradox at first glance; 

one must feel deeper; 

ward off full focus, halved by headspace to think; 

unthought and cradle hope with no hands 


Bathe Yourself in Phantom Rain


Hades                                                                                                              Angels