Pittsburgh Creating a $ustainable Economy

Economic stability is critical to a city’s wellbeing. While growing and developing, it is important to keep in mind those who live in the city and how they can be affected by new businesses in the area. Talking about providing opportunities for our community, keeping the area affordable and business who invest in the future of the city can all help address issues of poverty and gentrification.

As far as places to live goes, Pittsburgh is one of the best. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Pittsburgh is ranked second as the most livability U.S. city behind Honolulu, HI. Judged on stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure, they globally rank cities who score the best in these five areas. Pittsburgh had a score of 92.1 in the Global Liveability Index 2018. This recognition is impressive, however our most lacking category was culture and environment with a 87.7/100 score. Our highest ranked category was education with a perfect 100 point score, no doubt due to outreach such as the Pittsburgh Promise made possible by donations from the community and businesses found in the area.

As the workforce needed in Pittsburgh evolves from manufacturing to a healthcare and technology focused hub, we need to ensure that those who have lived here for years are not left behind when looking at these new opportunities transforming the city’s employment needs.

At the THINC30 2018 Summit held in Pittsburgh earlier this month, Covestro’s sustainability head, Rebecca Lucore said that “we have economic revitalization but we don’t want to displace people and we need to keep things affordable for people who have always been here.” With over 500 people from areas such as business, government, academics and corporations present, they discussed the threat of gentrification, importance of minority education and leadership as well as global warming. The Pittsburgh Foundation was present at the summit and was reiterating their commitment to ensuring equal opportunities for all Pittsburghers which he sees as the path to long-term success for the city and its residents.

Businesses Investing in Pittsburgh’s Future
Providing jobs in the region is a wonderful part of having businesses move to or grow in Pittsburgh. Still, another essential part to being home to businesses is their support of the community through giving. Asking businesses to not simply exist in our community but to plant roots in our community through giving and investing in Pittsburgh’s people is how the city will continue towards a sustainable environment for us to live and thrive in.

Several Pittsburgh Businesses are already diving into Pittsburgh and reaffirming their commitment to the city and its people. Each year, the PittsburghSmart50 Awards are given to businesses in the community who show innovation, impact and sustainability within our community. Check out the 2018 winners and see how they are making a difference, you may find a new opportunity yourself!

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