Pittsburgh’s Top 5 Sustainability Organizations

Top 5 Environmental Organizations in Pittsburgh:

1. PA Environmental Council – pecpa.org

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PA Environmental Council (PEC) aims to rebuild and restore the original environments found in the Western Pennsylvania area. They do so through various initiatives in innovation, collaboration, education, and policy. The organization has been around since the 1970s and continues to work with the core values it composed at its commencement. The homepage allows users to explore various applications including energy & climate, trails & recreation, watersheds, and policy. The site has been beautifully updated over the years and provides the perfect aesthetic for users of all ages. Not to mention, the site has become somewhat of a blog and offers an update newsfeed on environmental issues.

2. Riverlife – riverlifepgh.org

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This nonprofit organization came into formation in the year of began in 1999. The goal was to create a plan of action that would improve and sustain Pittsburgh’s riverfronts. In order to do so, the staff had to be dedicated to communicating with landowners, elected officials, and other Pittsburgh developers. In the last 15 years, Riverlife has been the leader of a $129 million investment for the Three Rivers Park, one of the most remarkable destinations in Pittsburgh. They continue to lead other initiatives that will broaden trails, parks, and other outdoor amenities for the public.

3. PennFuture – pennfuture.org

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Penn Future has compiled an impressive list of priorities. These priorities include climate, energy, environment, and community. The group was established in 1998 as a statewide environmental advocacy organization. They have a focus on the policy aspect of the environment and over the years have become well known for their legal services and enforcement of environmental laws. PennFuture aims to protect the health of the public, restore and sustain natural resources, and lead Pittsburgh to a future that is based on clean energy.

4. Audobon Society of Western PA – aswp.org

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The Audobon Society of Western Pennsylvania has been connected people to nature and more specifically, birds, since the year of 1916. The Society currently has three different properties; Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve (Fox Chapel), Succop Nature Park (Butler), and Todd Nature Reserve (Sarver). Each of the properties hosts various programs and projects that are designed to motivate the public to become more involved in the natural world around us. The organization is consistently updating and integrating new policy and regulations that will achieve more in terms of sustainable reconstruction but also respect the traditional laws of a nonprofit organization. Each week at 9AM on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the society hosts various nature-led walks that are free and open to the public. Locations vary by day of the week.

5. Field Environmental Instruments Incorporation – fieldenvironmental.com

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Field Environmental Instruments (FEI) has a bit of a different approach to promoting sustainable action in comparison to the organizations listed previously. FEI is a group that rents air, water, and soil monitoring equipment. However, the group also has its own inventory of eco-safety equipment. FEI has 11 different branches throughout the United States, but Pittsburgh is where the main headquarters operate/began. Not only does FEI offer the opportunity for rental but it also hosts focused remediation seminars for those interested in receiving professional consultation of the project they wish to complete.

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