Spinal Manipulation does NOT enhance the immune system

Over the past two years there has been much debate on how to “enhance” or “improve” the immune system to avoid COVID or to lessen its effects should you become infected. One definitive is that getting vaccinated works. Over 97% of patients in the ICU in the US, at last count, were not vaccinated. Break through infections, meaning infections in vaccinated people appear to be rare, and are mild. So, get vaccinated.

Unfortunately, there are those that advertise and insist that spinal manipulation will enhance the immune system. This is false and dangerous. Offering a treatment that is ineffective (spinal manipulation) as a means to enhance immunity may cause people not to receive a proven, safe, effective treatment (vaccination). It is wrong and misleading at best. Fortunately, nearly 150 DCs have called for an end to this claim.

PTs, DOs, and DCs perform spinal manipulation safely and effectively. No one profession owns the technique. But we all own the responsibility to call out pseudoscience. The claim that spinal manipulation improves the immune system, and limits the wrath of COVID is quackery. We should follow the example of these professionals and speak out when we see this dangerous claim made, by any profession, particularly in the midst of a global pandemic.

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