Our Goal

Our campaign is going to target parents with kids in hopes of educating them on the effects that advertisements and consumerism have on their children. Consumerism, meaning, the economic strategy that encourages the purchase of goods and services. The reason behind why we chose this is because companies create advertisements that target kids all the time. Parents still have the majority say in what their kids see and want, however, as their kids get older they start to get their own understanding as to what is a want and what is a need. We hope to help aid parents to better educate their children on how to differentiate between advertisements as well as pure entertainment.

Overall, we want our message to be an educational one. We want to teach parents how to not only manage what their children are watching but also how to educate them on it. Our hope is that by teaching parents to limit their children’s screen time it will lessen the effect that advertisements have on them. We also hope to educate parents on early childhood development and how prolonged exposure to these advertisements can affect their growth.

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