Online (Asynchronous) Delivery

Course activity is done asynchronously (is not delivered during set meeting times/days). Work should be completed in the learning management system by assigned deadlines. There are no required face-to-face sessions within the course and no requirements for on-campus activity unless required by the program.

Delivery will be listed as online on the Chatham schedule.

For instructional design support, please contact the School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

If a course needs to be canceled, please contact your department chair or dean about submitting the request to the registrar.

Teaching Resources

Online Teaching Best Practices

Technology Resources

The LMS committee recommends that all faculty regardless of mode of delivery have a syllabus, contact information, and gradebook available to students in Brightspace prior to the start of the semester. Below are Brightspace resources.

Brightspace Resources

  • Brightspace for Instructors Course – Customized for and open to all Chatham faculty. Covers getting started, course setup basics, adding content, assignments, discussion forums, rubrics, grades, class progress, and more.
  • Brightspace Focused Chatham Workshop Recordings – Chatham offered workshops on Brightspace specific tools during summer 2020. All workshop recordings are available on Panopto.
  • Brightspace YouTube Tutorials – This is easily accessed from the web. Videos are organized by playlists. Videos are short and cover specific topics.
  • Brightspace Instructor Documentation – This course covers all of the basics. Links to documentation and YouTube videos.
  • Brightspace Subscription Training – This gives faculty access to on-demand video training. Faculty need to sign-up for an account using a Chatham email address. This account is not connected to a Chatham account, so a separate password is needed.
  • Brightspace Community – A place to connect with other Brightspace users. This space offers community discussion forums, FAQs, links to YouTube videos, and documentation.
Online or Asynchronous delivery
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