Skype Launches Real-Time Captions and Subtitles

This year, Microsoft announced that their famous video-chat service, Skype, will now have real-time captions and subtitles. Launched on the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities, this new update will allow people with a hearing impairment to read the words as they are being spoken.

To activate this feature, you must go into settings, select the more button and choose “turn subtitles on”. It can also be set as the default setting. The subtitles will auto scroll in the chat, but Skype is working to further improve this already wonderful feature.

This new feature is part of Microsoft’s new inclusivity campaign. They will also be launching translating options for more than twenty languages. Microsoft’s PowerPoint will also be equipped with the automatic subtitles.

Blog-last-pic-subtitles.png[Photograph]. (2018, December 3).

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