Music for Food: A Musical Menu

Photo credit: Tim Krikston

This Sunday, we celebrated Thanksgiving a little early with Aria412’s delicious performance of songs on themes of food, drink, and revelry from opera, musical theatre, and cinema. The entire program was permeated with personality, humor, sugar, and spice. These songs certainly must’ve had their fair share of time in the oven, as they came out fresh, crisp, and fully cooked without being overdone. Serving us appetizers, main dishes, and dessert, Kelly Lynch, Desirée Soteres, Kathy Soroka, Kevin Adamik, William Andrews, Zoé Soteres, and Matt Gillespie are truly musical chefs who displayed their mastery of singing (and playing, in Gillespie’s case) tunes both savory and sweet!

26. November 2019 by rovkah
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