Friday Afternoon Musicale: CHASING METAPHORS: The Music & Words of Katherine Hoover

Performer: Zoe Sorrell, flutist
With special guests: Jana Lange, flutist & Katherine Palumbo, pianist

Chasing Metaphors was a recital five years in the making. In the autumn of 2018, Zoe Sorrell used her inheritance from her late maternal grandmother to purchase the flute of the late composer-flutist-poet Katherine Hoover. In the time since, this instrument has served as a connection to these two ancestors and Sorrell has become a champion and devotee of Hoover’s music. On October 20th, she performed five of Hoover’s works: three solo and two for chamber ensemble. These works were interspersed with short poems and stories aimed at helping audience members to connect with Hoover’s art and spirit on a deeper level.
The program included the following works: Winter Spirits, Suite for Two Flutes, Reflections, Kokopeli, and Mountain & Mesa.

18. January 2024 by avawalker
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