No one is more expert at teaching Chatham students than Chatham faculty.

Each month of the podcast is devoted to a single topic in four episodes. Some are one-on-one conversations with faculty, and some are panel discussions among faculty recorded live. All are collecting the wisdom and experience of Chatham’s creative and compassionate educators to form an archive of the best practices and best ideas we’ve got about teaching.

November 2022: Writing Fair and Effective Tests


January 2023: Student Behavior and Motivation

Episode 01: Gina Zanardelli

Episode 02: Kristin Harty

Episode 03: Jill Behrmann

Episode 04: Teaching Excellence Panel – Heather Cunningham, Chris Purcell, and Cindy Kerr

Bonus: January Tech Fellows Presentation

February 2023: Service Learning

Episode 05: Sara Bauknecht and Jorie Meil

Episode 06: SASB Dean Edith Barrett

Episode 07: Teaching Excellence Panel – Sarah Ray, Jennie-Sweet Cushman, and Allie Reznik

Episode 08: Karen Kingsbury and Erleen Ellis

Bonus: February Tech Fellows Presentation

March 2023: Universal Design and Accessibility

Episode 09: Allie Reznik

Episode 10: Dana Mastroianna and Becky Borello

Episode 11: Lizzy Kee

Episode 12: Carrie Tippen

Bonus: March Tech Fellows Presentation

April 2023: Feedback

Episode 13: Teaching Excellence Panel: Heather McNaugher, Jessie Ramey, Maureen Monhollen

Episode 14: Kyra Tucker

Bonus: April Tech Fellows Presentation

Summer 2023: K-12 Miniseries

Episode 15: Lauren Copeland

Episode 16: Nora Robb

Episode 17: Leo Liotta