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In recent years, Western Pennsylvania has put forth major efforts to create a more sustainable environment that is beneficial to all living things, especially people. The site Sustainable Pittsburgh, was created to be a resource for those who are looking to gain a deeper education in terms of environmental movements and other green initiatives. The site clearly states their vision: “Through the policy and practice of sustainable development, Southwestern Pennsylvania has a strong economy in which all people can live to their potential, are engaged, and prosper within the means of a clean and healthy environment.”. Alongside this vision, they reference the multiplicity of goals promoted by Sustainable Pittsburgh. Some of the most prominent being “systematic change at scale for the region” and “integrity in approach and a trusted change agent”. It is evident that Sustainable Pittsburgh is aiming to not just make changes but to make changes that stick.

Some of the sections presented on the site include the organization’s approach, who they are working with currently, what they are doing, and how users can donate to the cause. The organization states that their approach is to both accelerate the policy and the practice of sustainable initiatives in the Southwestern Pennsylvania area specifically. These initiatives create an outlet that fosters creativity and collaboration while also informing citizens of the existing operations in the area. When answering the question, “Why Sustainable Pittsburgh?” the organization replies with a simple quote stating that because they are in fact a rather small organization, they cannot afford to do small things. Sustainable Pittsburgh is about doing the most with the resources provided. They intend to foster innovation and also validate the notion of integrating sustainability into everything we do.

The site also offers the opportunity for users to take a pledge. It is entitled the “I Am Sustainable Pittsburgh” pledge. In order to complete the pledge, one must review and promise to at least six of the 150 sustainable actions that are featured on the website. After this, one is considered a leader in the journey to making Pittsburgh the best place to live. Another awesome feature on the site is instructional links for businesses of all kinds to partner with Sustainable Pittsburgh. These businesses can range from small organizations to large restaurant chains. They offer an array of solutions on how these businesses can save money, gain positive recognition, and attract more engaged employees. Sustainable Pittsburgh also partners with elected officials and other community leaders.

If interested in following Sustainable Pittsburgh on their mission, check out the site for yourself at

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  1. Tabitha Weaver says:

    I really appreciate the educational aspect of this organization! I think aiming to not only have events but to really involve and educate the public is the key to their success.

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