Emotion or Emoticons?


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By FAR the most BRILLIANT tool for expressing emotion is the emoticon…       Sandy4

The history of the emoticon dates back to the 19th century.

Drawings showing emotions were placed within the text of casual or funny letters.

Today, a wide range of static or animated Emoticons are used, but only for email or texts.


So…is it possible to use emotion in when writing professionally?

Of course it is!

Writer and Marketer Sonia Simone explains that when you bring emotion into your writing you can use empathy to connect the reader.

She compares emotional writing with the movie “Inside Out” by Pixar.

  • Too much Joy gets in the way…everything can’t always be happy
  • Sadness is the marketing expert…also the empathy expert
  • Anger is dangerous, yet useful…as it triggers emotion in the reader
  • Disgust is the surprising ringer…that can make the content work

When writing for emotion, you need to first present the problem, shake it up a bit, then solve it.

Remember! Essays and research papers don’t need to be dry and boring… SAndy2

  • Give it some emotion…use words that describe Feeling.

  • If you’re passionate about the subject, show it!

  • Give your words some life…use your Verbs and Adverbs.

  • Most important – Write like you speak.

A few tips for writing with emotion:

    Read your text aloud…
          Pace the floor…
                Use your body while reading…
                      Vary your tone of voice to drive your point home…
                            And remember – Read it with emotion!

Simone, Sonia. “Bringing More Emotion into Your Writing – From the Inside Out.” Rainmaker.fm. Rainmaker Digital, n.d. Web. 07 Oct. 2015.

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