Spinal Manipulation does NOT enhance the immune system

Over the past two years there has been much debate on how to “enhance” or “improve” the immune system to avoid COVID or to lessen its effects should you become infected. One definitive is that getting vaccinated works. Over 97% of patients in the ICU in the US, at last count, were not vaccinated. Break […]


In discussions with academic faculty peers, I often am asked, “Why do you you teach so much manual therapy?” I ask them, “Why don’t you teach more?” To be clear, I teach manual therapy because, when added to a full complement of evidenced, clinical reasoned treatment, there is ample evidence that is effective. WHY it […]


We need objective data to gauge treatment effectiveness and patient improvement. They need to be valid and reliable. So lets consider one that is valid and reliable and used often, the Neck Disability Index or NDI. I use it and I advocate for its use in my teaching. 10 sections: pain, personal care, lifting, reading, […]

Does Nutrition matter in MSK Pain?

Intuitively we know that nutrition “matters.” Many chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes are directly linked to diet. Others like RA, OA, and pain are indirectly linked to the food we eat. There are a multitude of anecdotal reports of conditions improving with a change in diet, yet it is rarely the […]

Social Media is not peer reviewed

This blog is not peer reviewed and it should not be taken as if it were. Neither should postings on twitter, pod casts, blogs, Instagram, snap-chat, and, if its used, FB. That does not mean there is no value in social media, it just means that you should have structure when reading it. You should […]

What goes here?

Several journals have editorial spots in the beginning of their peer reviewed journals. These spaces are typically dedicated to innovative thoughts or unique observations. They don’t require as much evidence as a traditional journal article, but may be an indication of things to come in the journal or the profession. I was lucky enough to […]