Cohort 10 2019-2021


The Technology Road to Assessment of Learning and Teaching Excellence

My technology fellows projects has been to systematically boost student learning and teaching expertise using technology – specifically to assess student learning and instructional effectiveness. I have done this primarily by exploring, learning, and utilizing new technology.

Janet Bucey, OTD – Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy


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William Pfalzgraff, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Improving Student Engagement in the DNP courses

My project explored the use of several technologies to improve student engagement and support information delivery and processes in first-semester, asynchronous online Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) courses.


Marilu Piotrowski, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor of Nursing

Using the Apple Pencil and Other Technologies to Improve Learning

Incorporate screen-mirroring and Kindle library into literature classes, and use Apple pencil to assist students with close reading. Using the Apple pencil more often in courses as a way to approximate a chalkboard. I’m planning to save all those files, plus begin adding to them in future courses. It will be valuable for me to see how language in community agreements change over time since that’s a pedagogical tool that I sometimes write about in my scholarship.

Sarah Shotland, MFA – Assistant Professor of English

So, you have been asked to be a Chatham University DNP Nursing Preceptor!Using Padlet to Make Traditional Paper Activity More Engaging

The end result was not a “magazine” but a “newsletter” that allowed students to give information to their potential preceptors. There are live links within the document. The newsletter is not as dynamic as I had hoped, but it made the information easy to read, inviting, and professional looking.

Jennifer Wasco, DNP – Assistant Professor of Nursing
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