By the people, for the people: CSG weekly update

Chatham University will be facing some staff changes in the coming weeks, with Assistant Director of Student Activities and Residence Life Stephanie Reynolds, Student Affairs Executive Secretary Kathy Ayers, and Head of Dining Services Pattie Malloy all accepting positions elsewhere.

“In higher ed, this is the time for movement,” Zauyah Waite, Dean of Students, said at the Chatham Student Government (CSG) meeting on February 5.

Reynolds’ unexpected departure comes after the National Association for Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA), “sought her out for her great work [in] civil learning and democratic engagement,” Waite said.

Malloy will still be working for Parkhurst Dining Services, but has decided to, “return to the corporate world.”

Dakota Garilli, a recent graduate from Chatham’s MFA Creative Writing program, will take Ayers place as the Student Affairs Interim Executive Secretary.

Waite, in her CSG advisor report, also mentioned that they are still searching for a softball coach replacement, that room draw will be occurring soon, and that the Board of Trustees will be meeting on Wednesday, February 11 through Friday, February 13.

Waite mentioned that the Board of Trustees have a lot of decisions to make, and Phoebe Armstrong, Class of 2016 President, suggested they come to the CSG meeting on Thursday.

Finally, Waite advised students to, “be careful out there,” as the campus is dealing with a lot of injuries due to the ice.

Sarah Jugovic, CSG Executive President, then gave her report, during which she suggested that the CSG write a report on their feelings about the motto and alma mater debate for the Board of Trustees.

She also gave more information about the CSG meet and greet with the facilities staff, which will occur during the CSG meeting on March 5.

Jenny Schollaert, CSG Executive Vice President, reported that the most recent Student Organization Forum (SOF) meeting was a success and reminded students that the Student Organization and Leadership Awards nominations are available, saying, “the more nominations the merrier.”

Sam Elbaz, CSG Vice President of Finance, gave a report on most recent Undergraduate Budget Committee (UBC) meeting, in which funds were allocated to four organizations, leaving $14,048.81 in the budget for the rest of the semester.

Elbaz also mentioned that at their next meeting, the UBC will discuss constitution changes.  She said these changes will be brought before the CSG at the following meeting.

In class reports, Skylar Wilcha, Class of 2015 President, reminded the CSG about the “50 Shades of Rose” fundraiser to go see to go see “Fifty Shades of Grey,” occurring on Thursday, February 11.

She asked everyone to, “support your senior class,” saying, “Bring your family. Bring your Grandma, she probably read it.”

In her Class of 2017 report, Tahmina Tursonzadah, Class of 2017 President, mentioned their efforts to get hand dryers in Café Rachel and Anderson Dining Hall, in order to be more energy efficient.

The constitution committee reported continued efforts to edit the constitution, in accordance with the discussions of the week before.  Likewise, the shuttle committee was still getting organized, but reported that a survey should be going out to the students within the next week.

Towards the end of the meeting, Jugovic brought up the need for an election committee, chaired by a person who does not intend to run for re-election, to, “think about how we’re marketing the CSG.”

To this, Armstrong jokingly replied, “Therapy cats and Chipotle, they’ll be coming from all angles.”

The final point of discussion at the meeting was the Town Hall editorial, for which the CSG is still waiting for feedback from the administration.

The CSG meets every Thursday in the PCW room, and all meetings are open to the student body.

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