In response to Sandy Trozzo’s “North Hills to revamp two school libraries”

According to Sandy Trozzo’s “North Hills to revamp two school libraries”–found online on, The North Hills School District proposed to spend about $1 million in structural fees and $470,000 on furniture to renovate the libraries in the middle school and high school.

In general, libraries in schools serve as a pathway to future success for many students.  Many adolescents can express their beliefs and emotions when reading, as well as calm their anxiety.  Thus, libraries are important for the growth and development of middle school and high school students.

Libraries provide students with access to computers, printers, and audio books.  Technology is a very evolving sector in society, which can be used to help students boost their grades.

Not every student has access to these important technologies in their homes; thus, lack of access should not determine low grades.  Furthermore, audio books are more prevalent in libraries today because some students require a different approach to understanding and learning.  A renovated library will benefit students in many ways, but a renovated library can also improve the communities where the students live by bringing down crime rates.

The smartest adults I know enjoyed spending their time reading in their local libraries growing up.  If students receive a renovated library, then they may want to spend more time in it or become devoted to it, which in turn, can expand their knowledge and future career.

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