Chatham’s Men Weigh In On Fall Fashion Trends

Author: Angela Billanti

Chatham University’s male students do not agree with this fall’s fashion trends, bomber jackets and athletic wear, even though a spokesperson from H&M confirms these two fads are in this fall.

According to Jess Johns, men’s department manager at H&M Monroeville, these two trends are effortless for young male students to achieve if they want to be fashionable and functional at the same time.  “Definitely the athletic wear, because you can race across campus really fast,” Johns said when referring to practical trends.  Layering pieces such as sweatshirts with a bomber jacket are good for walking outside on campus.

Bomber jackets have an elastic waist and zippers in the front and can range from various materials such as leather, denim, fleece and silk.  Joggers and fitted sweatpants, sweatshirts and t-shirts are examples of athletic wear.

Avery Carter Walker, a doctoral student at Chatham studying Counseling Psychology, disagrees with Johns: “Some people’s comfort becomes sloppy, so yeah, no bombers, no joggers.”  Walker feels bomber jackets and athletic wear are not a timeless style.  He recommends cardigans, turtlenecks and a nice pair of slim fit jeans.

 Grad student Michael Bagnato agrees with Johns about bomber jackets being a staple in the male wardrobe, but like Walker, he disagrees with Johns about trendy athletic wear.   “Athletic gear is great and all, but don’t settle for comfortable all the time,” Bagnato said. He believes men have to take more risks with their appearance every so often, and athletic trends do not always allow that. “It is far too easy for college students to wear it, frankly,” he said, “because it is cheap, easy, and comfortable.”  

Peter Abib III, a first-year studying Psychology, disagrees with Johns for his style. “(Bomber jackets) don’t fit my look,” Abib said.  He thinks the two trends depend on men’s personal styles to determine if they are fashionable, saying, “If you don’t know how to mix and match then it looks horrible.”

Unlike other male students, Will Sandherr is all about this fall’s trends. “I buy bombers at the thrift shop,” Sandherr said. “They are definitely stylish and comfy.”

A first-year majoring in Business, Sandherr shops at Tommy Hilfiger and Perry Ellis. He owns joggers, and named his Jordans as his favorite pair.

With cool weather creeping up on us, young men at Chatham University will soon determine if bomber jackets and athletic wear truly are this fall’s trend.

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