Lauren Pepperman: Working on a new Storm Water Management course

For my internship, my primary focus will be planning and managing the creation of our green infrastructure course that we are (hopefully) offering to Chatham students and high school Homewood residents in the Fall. The class will be called “Storm Water Management in Urban Developments,” and will observe methodologies to reduce flooding in Pittsburgh, particularly the Homewood neighborhood. So far, we found NaTisha Washington and Beth Dutton, the two adjunct professors that will teach this course. To navigate myself (and team members) through this project, I have developed a Gantt chart, or a project plan, to outline our path of trajectory over the next nine weeks, or until the class starts this Fall. We finalized our course description and our course objectives, which we submitted to our registrar, now, we are ready to begin recruiting new students. As a project manager for this new course development, this internship is teaching me so far to expect the unexpected, and the importance of being flexible when planning a project (or in this case, managing the creation of a course). During this project, my direction and procedure have significantly morphed as I learned different processes and different roadblocks occur. This internship is helping me to learn how to think outside of the box and think of innovative solutions. I look forward to learning more about recruitment strategies, curriculum design, and community networking and partnership creation strategies.

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