Do you use Google Calendar for meetings and events?  If so, please note there is a new phishing threat lurking about.  Users will receive an invite with a meeting subject, date and time.  Inside the meeting details will be the malicious phishing link.  If a users click on this link it will infect their device with malware.

If you are unsure how a Google Calendar meeting got scheduled or if you need more details, please don’t click any links.  Be sure to contact the originator of the meeting.

**Note – this alert is only for Google Calendar users, but it is always a good idea to be vigilant when clicking on links**

For more information, please see the article from KnowBe4 – 1.5 Billion Gmail Calendar Users are the Target of a Crafty New Phishing Scam

If you think your computer may have malware, please contact the Helpdesk at 412-365-1112 or submit at ticket at

Google Calendar Security Alert
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