Global Focus – Costa Rican Music Playlist

Chatham’s Global Focus program seeks to instill global competence in Chatham students by leading a campus-wide initiative focused on a specific country or region of the world over the course of an academic year through curriculum, films, lectures, performances, and cuisine.

The program also promotes cross-cultural understanding by forging connections with off-campus international initiatives in the greater Pittsburgh area and beyond. 2021-22 is the Year of Costa Rica.

Please enjoy the following playlist from Professor Walter Morales, Coach Accompanist for the Ruud Scholars at Chatham University and Music Director of the Edgewood Symphony Orchestra.

“As part of my musicological research and work as an advocate of Costa Rican composers, I have created a YouTube Playlist that features my performances as concert pianist and orchestral conductor of Costa Rican Music around the world.  You will find piano music written in the 19th and 20th Century, as well as works by contemporary composers writing for a new generation of performers.

I updated the playlist to open with an excerpt from a faculty voice recital recorded here at Chatham University in 2015, featuring Dr. Kelly Lynch and Prof. Walter Morales.  This video is followed by three Costa Rican Nocturnes recorded in the Welker Room just a few weeks ago as a part of a virtual recital featuring Costa Rican pianists from around the world.”