Ocean acid Is Killing Marine Life

Ocean acidification is rapidly moving and causing the water biology to have trouble coping.  Even though the ocean absorbs one third of the carbon dioxide emitted helping us to stay cooler, it is causing the ocean to become more acidic.

Because of this, it is limiting calcium carbonate.  By calcium carbonate being limited, it is affecting the coral, plankton, and other marine life that needs it to build skeletal frames and shells.

Since the industrial revolution, the oceanic acidity has increased by 25%.  If it keeps increasing at this rate it will eventually destroy much of the marine life we know and love.  The carbon dioxide that is in the air is eventually processed by the ocean.  This is causing the pH levels to drop in the ocean causing the animals and wildlife to suffer.

If fossil fuels were shortened or cut out completely it would allow this process to slow down and save the wildlife in the ocean. Our ocean’s ecosystems are some of the most beautiful things on this planet, and we need to make sure they stay that way. We need to change our ways.

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