Endangered PA Animals

Its no secret that hunting is a popular recreational activity in Pennsylvania. So much so, that the day after Thanksgiving, is reserved so that those in school are able to take a day off and hunt. There are more than 20 species, currently endangered in Pennsylvania and five are on the threatened species list.  Now more than ever, its important to be thinking about the things that can help make sure an animal does not become extinct in PA and there are so many small things you can do. 

While each species is different and requires different types of help, there are small, quick, but still impactful things that you can do to make sure the endangered species are saved.

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission small things make a big difference. Be sure to keep your distance from animals such as bald eagles and egrets as the stress that they feel can make them react poorly to disturbance.

Another simple thing you can do to keep animals from becoming endangered or extinct is being sure to report illegal behavior. If you see something, you should say something! Even if it doesn’t turn out to be illegal or unethical, you could make a difference in saving a species.

An important step that would help improve many environmental issues, is to be sure to pick up litter. Leaving things such as snack wrappers and plastics behind not only harm the environment around the animals, but the animals too, as some just tend to peck at them regardless of whether or not it is real food.

If you’re a land or farm owner, consider delaying mowing of your grass and hay areas as birds tend to nest and use it for protection in spring and late summer months! As well as making sure to use environmentally friendly pest control substances so that the animals that use your land to feed aren’t harmed by the toxins.

If you don’t own land, or don’t hunt, a great alternative to help is to donate to wildlife protection! A donation would not only help the Game Commission but it would help the animals as the process for protection is costly.

The more we can do to help to keep animals from becoming extinct, the better.


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