Professional Writers: Redesigning the Landscape of Corporate Culture

graphic“Culture means rhetoric,” I wanted to scream as I read an insightful article on Forbes ( The article highlighted how approaching the workplace as a culture seems to be the latest trend. In fact, last year Merriam Webster cited the word culture as the most used word of 2014. Corporations are now seeking a means wherein they can do more than simply employ people. They must now address the totality of the needs of job seekers.

Engagement, work-life balance, retention, and professional development are all aspects of corporate culture. In sustaining such workplace culture, it then becomes necessary to have a form of discourse between employer and employee—one that silently communicates unspoken operational procedures. This is where professional writers come into play, because they’ve mastered the art of rhetoric. And, because they have such a firm handle on scribbling inside the confines of various social spaces, what better person to communicate the ins and outs of corporate culture, than a proven professional writer?

Fortunately for professional writers, there’s some great news on the horizon. First, we must consider that the unemployment rate (5.4% as of April) is the lowest it’s been since May 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Secondly, writing as a core competency in Corporate America is in high demand. In today’s numbers-driven society, it seems many learning institutions are emphasizing math and science courses to propel students ahead. And while this creates a deficit of writers, it makes the emerging need of writers in the workplace explosive. Though many of the jobs professional writers may not be formally titled as a writing job, the truth is, more and more jobs require significant amounts of writing.

Today, there are jobs being filled by writers that were almost nonexistent fifteen years ago. Consider the widespread number of jobs in the following fields:

• Project Management
• Social Media
• Digital Content Development

These positions are hotbeds for writers, not just because they’re becoming more widespread; rather, they are key in managing and leveraging culture within the workplace. Understanding rhetoric, I mean culture gives professional writers the platform to become indispensable. With culture being a buzzword in the professional world today, we must then provide a working definition for it. The online publication, Entrepreneur, defined corporate culture as:

“A blend of the values, beliefs, taboos, symbols, rituals and myths all companies develop over time.”

Professional writers today are so in demand not only because of their innate abilities to pen strong content across many mediums, but also because they can apply the framework of rhetoric to the discourse of corporate culture. Also, as technology continues to expand the plane of the job market, it then becomes necessary to employ professional writers who possess a strong ability to persuade and influence using the digital tools that are becoming increasingly popular. Corporate culture, just like professional writing, can often be looked at as socially situated, and it deals with a constant interaction between employee and employer. What better person to constantly liaise these grounds than the professional writer who has proven their ability to create superior content, communicate effectively, translate complex information into clear messages, and meet the constantly evolving needs of a particular organization.

Pens up, writers, because of the ever-evolving needs of Corporate America, success, longevity, and continual achievements are all at our fingertips.

9 thoughts on “Professional Writers: Redesigning the Landscape of Corporate Culture

  1. Jason, so much of what you have written is similar to the ideas conveyed in my narrative for chapter 7. Get out of my head! LOL You have such a fantastic writing style. I truly enjoyed reading this blog as well as your replies to the discussion forums.

  2. Jason,

    Your article definitely got me thinking about how writers can help to create and maintain a well-defined corporate culture. It really does seem like writing opportunities are endless. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I’m glad all of our eyes are now open through this class. Endless, indeed, are the opportunities. Thanks for reading!

  3. I find it amazing just how many jobs there are for professional writers. I’ve been keeping my eye out on various online job sites and there is such a high demand for social media experts, web content writers, technical writers, etc. that it blows my mind (plus, it makes me feel pretty optimistic about my chances of finding full-time employment after finishing the program here at Chatham).

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