Social Media is not peer reviewed

This blog is not peer reviewed and it should not be taken as if it were. Neither should postings on twitter, pod casts, blogs, Instagram, snap-chat, and, if its used, FB. That does not mean there is no value in social media, it just means that you should have structure when reading it. You should realize that information comes quickly to social media, and this includes academic information. It is readily available, you do not need access to an academic library or search engine, and often full text articles are free. Beware that in your quest to be first and become an early adopter, that often times early adopters make mistakes. One just has to look through the recent literature on hip arthroscopy and hip resurfacing to understand how a lack of peer reviewed research over a period of time may have drastic consequences. The Kardashian index (yes a real thing) clearly shows that scientists and researchers with large social media followings actually have less peer reviewed publications than those with either fewer followers or not on social media. If you do garner professional information on social media try to avoid the eco chamber of those you agree with and branch out away from your region, country, or comfort level. Consider only reading post publication discussion threads to see what others think of a recent peer reviewed papers, rather than concerning your self with various posts that are not vetted. (particularly those that use terms like awesome or crushed it, and are written by those with a financial interest in a particular agenda) Any real or imaginary person can post information on social media. Peer reviewed publications in quality journal require years of work…and for good reason…the research we publish is used to treat our patients and needs to be vetted. Social media in our profession may broaden your horizons or allow you to comment on or understand a variety of opinions on peer reviewed papers or presentations, but beyond that its value is likely limited and potentially harmful.

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