Touch: A Basic Need

Children raised in Romanian Orphanages prior to the fall of communism suffered through years of terrible conditions and abuse. They were not only physically abused, but also received no positive physical touch in their time in the orphanages. Psychologists have studied these children to get a better understanding of what effect a lack of touch has on development. Touch is a necessity for proper development and a healthy life. A lack of touch in the first few months of a child’s life lead to cognitive and physical developmental delays.

We, as human beings, are created to interact with one another through meaningful and loving touches. Our bodies react to physical interactions in such a way that proves not only a divine creator, but also a creator with a loving touch. The way touch impacts our emotional, physical, and spiritual development points to the importance of touch in our lives and the necessity of it in God’s blueprint for our lives.

Touch is necessary for a healthy emotional development. It helps us healthily handle stress, build lasting relationships, and communicate within them.


“To touch is to give life” – Michelangelo

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