Welcome to the Anthropocene

The term Anthropocene is currently being debated by geologists, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History fully embraced it. The term describes the current geological era in which humans are making a profound impact on the geological strata. To put it simply, humans are changing the planet. The truths of this were put on display during a six month exhibition at the Natural History museum.


Extinctions, pollution, and climate change are just some of the bad results of human habitation of Earth. Eric Dorfman, director of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, wanted to shed light on this new geological era. The exhibit was created, not to scare its audience, but to educate them. The interrelationship between mankind and nature is a delicate one. To show what life is like in the Anthropocene and encourage those to take action.


Although the exhibit has come and gone this past year, the museum’s leaderships is working to incorporate a permanent gallery. Not only will it allow for further research, but encourage visitor engagement. Everyone is making an impact on the world we live in, until we are ready to accept that, the age of the Anthropocene will eventually end with the human race.

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  1. Dr. Katherine Cruger says:

    I loved this exhibit! Even my 3 year old was really interested in interacting with some of the components (for, you know, 6 minutes.)

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