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Using Mind Mapping for Proposal Planning

Exploring Text2Mind as a way to encourage planning for a writing project.

Project Overview

Mind Mapping is a fast and easy way to organize and visualize thoughts, ideas, questions, and solutions. Text2Mind, a specific mind mapping software that is both free and easy to use, was integrated into the planning phase of a business proposal for a nursing leadership course.


Planning Process

In a previous nursing leadership course, a mind mapping assignment was used to assist students in developing a leadership self-reflection assignment using the mind mapping software Freemind. While the students enjoyed the mind mapping process, this specific software required a download and sign-in; a hassle to some students. Thus, the Text2Mind software was then piloted. Through informal student conversation, it was found that the Text2Mind software was the preferred software of choice due to its accessibility. The information learned from this group of students was used as a launching pad for the current tech fellow project, the integration of a planning phase for a written business proposal using Text2Mind.

Fink’s Taxonomy of Significant Learning, specifically integration, was used as a guide to create/integrate the technology for the assignment. Fink’s aspect of integration states the technology and/or learning activity is used for the integration of new ideas and new connections within the course or outside of the course. With the Text2Mind software, students could incorporate their thoughts and ideas and connect them for the assignment; linking to Fink’s aspect of integration. Additionally, by having students prepare for an unfamiliar written assignment through visual brainstorming, the aspects of representation as well as action and expression of the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) guidelines were also included.



A detailed step by step direction sheet complete with visual aids was created to assist students in developing their mind map. The direction sheet included key elements within the business proposal assignment guidelines and rubric. The document was labeled as and uploaded in the course content and resource block of the course. Verbiage was also added to the business proposal assignment guidelines to encourage use of the completed mind map while writing the proposal. A short, five-item survey was created using Microsoft forms and was added to the week 14 block of the course. Students received an announcement detailing the upcoming mind mapping project within the course announcement section of the course. All students were encouraged to participate.



As mentioned, this project included an evaluation survey that was built into the week 14 block of the course. The project has not yet been implemented; therefore, no assessment data can be provided at this time. It is important to note, that the current section of the nursing leadership course only holds two students.

Reflections and Next Steps

Unfortunately, the project has not yet been implemented due to the business proposal assignment due date occurring in week 14. However, it is expected that students will find value in mind mapping and will utilize this brainstorming method in other courses or in their clinical setting.

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