International Certificates and up to $3000 in voucher funding

You may know that Chatham offers an undergraduate degree in International Studies through the Department of History, Political Science and International Studies.

Did you also know that students who are majoring in other subjects may earn an international regional certificate by taking the courses required for a regional concentration? The International Certificate is offered in five regions of the world: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

In addition to demonstrating that a student has studied the history, language, culture, politics and language of a region, the certificate requires firsthand experience studying and or interning in the region for 6 to 12 credits.

Christin Cook completed a semester abroad in Thailand

The certificates consist of at least 18 credits and include language courses or proficiency, content courses including an introduction to the history of the region, and 6-12 credits of study abroad and/or internship abroad.

Students who complete 50% of the requirements are eligible for up to $3000 in study abroad vouchers toward their study or internship abroad. If students choose their study abroad program carefully, this voucher funding could go a long way toward covering study abroad tuition and expenses.

Bethany Bookout, summer 2016 in Taiwan

Students can add an International Certificate to any major. For example, one could be a Biology major with an Africa Certificate or a Communication major with a Latin America Certificate. These are just examples of the many combinations of major/certificate you could choose.

When will you study abroad?  For more information on the International Certificate, please contact Dr. Lou Martin,  For more information on study abroad options to fulfill your certificate requirements, please contact International Affairs, or visit us at the Office of International Affairs in Falk Hall, lower level.

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