Jennie Piotrzkowski (Asian Studies)

Jennie Piotrzkowski is a graduating senior majoring in Communication: Journalism and International Studies: Asia with a minor in Media Arts. She interested in combating environmental problems, helping others express their voices, and exploring new forms of storytelling. Throughout her time at Chatham, she also served as the Digital and Social Media Editor for our school newspaper, The Communique. In the future, she hopes to integrate her different passions to make a difference.


Advice for students interested in International Studies:

I would encourage those interested in International Studies to put themselves out there. The entire Chatham community, specifically those in relation to this department, is extremely supportive and encouraging. If you have a desire to study a specific area or a question you want to explore further, reach out to faculty! They would be more than happy to support your research. You should also reach out to the international student community. There are many partner programs, pen-pals, language buddies, etc, which all offer amazing opportunities to learn about other cultures. Don’t be afraid to pursue these incredible possibilities. An added bonus is you could make a new friend.


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