Asian Studies




Requirements for Asian Studies Certificate:

  • HIS204W: East Asian Studies
    • An exploration of East Asian geography, history, language, and culture from Zhou Dynasty (ca. 1,000 BCE) to present times. Focus on China, Korea, Japan with reference to neighboring regions and discussion of Taiwan. Emphasis on arts, ideologies, and East Asian cultural sites in Pittsburgh area.
  • One (1) 200- level regional elective
  • One (1) 200- or 300- level regional elective
  • 6-12 Study Abroad or Internship credits
  • at least 9 credits or equivalent proficiency in an approved Asian language
    • Mandarin Chinese and Japanese are offered at Chatham

FALL 2018 regional elective:

  • HIS342: Post/Modern China: Digital Storytelling
    • An examination of Chinese cultural history from early 1900s to early 2000s, via literature and film, with training in digital storytelling techniques. Discussion of this dramatic national narrative framed by political and aesthetic considerations. Our interpretation and transmission of these narratives framed also by ethics and efficacy.