Start by waking through campus towards Squirrel Hill.

When you reach Wilkins Avenue, turn left and walk to Shady Avenue. At Shady Avenue, turn right. 

When you reach Forbes Avenue, turn  left. When you reach the intersection with South Dallas, turn right, and follow Beechwood Boulevard up the hill.

At the top of the hill is the Frick Park Environmental Center. This is where you can find many hiking trails. Take the hiking trail leading to the right and follow it through Frick Park. It will end at Blue Slide Park (famous from the Mac Miller Album).

When you exit Blue Slide Park, cross the road and walk down Nicholson Street.

Turn right onto Shady Avenue and walk up to Beacon Street. Turn left and walk to Murray Avenue. Turn right and head up Murray Avenue back to Chatham Campus.

Walking Tour Directions: Squirrel Hill- Homewood cemetery Loop

Start by walking through Chatham’s campus toward Squirrel Hill. When you reach Wilkins Avenue, turn left. Follow Wilkins Avenue to South Dallas Avenue- turn right. Go up South Dallas Avenue (the cemetery will be on your left.) and enter Homewood at the main gate (also on your left).

Walk through Homewood Cemetery. The paths are clearly marked, and you will be able to see some interesting sculptures and mausoleums. Can you find the Pyramid? What about the Benedum Mausoleum?  When you have finished a loop, head down to the other exit gate at Forbes Avenue.

Turn right and walk up Forbes Avenue to Shady Avenue. Turn right onto Shady Avenue and walk all the way to Fifth Avenue (you can shorten this walk, by turning left onto Wilkins, and cutting through Campus) .

If you walk all the way to Fifth Avenue, turn left and walk back to the apartments.

Walking Tour Directions: Oakland – Carnegie Mellon Loop

Start by walking down Fifth Avenue toward Oakland. Walk until you reach Craig Street, and turn left. Walk down Craig Street until you reach the Carnegie Museum on Forbes Avenue. Turn right and walk down Forbes Avenue, past the museum. Turn left at Schenley Drive, and follow the road across the bridge. When you reach the intersection at Phipps Conservatory, turn left and follow the trail to Schenley Drive and follow the road until you reach the end (intersection with Forbes Avenue). Go left to the first intersection with Northumberland Street. Follow until you reach Wightman Street and turn left. When you reach the CVS (at Wilkins Avenue) turn right and continue to Chatham Campus.

Walking Tour Directions: Point Breeze loop

Start walk by going down Fifth avenue towards Shady Avenue. You will walk along Mellon Park. At the intersection with Beechwood Blvd, turn Right and go up Reynolds Avenue.

Along Reynolds are many nice homes. Follow Reynolds Avenue past The Frick. You will see the entrance to Frick Park on your left. Enter the park and take the shorter of the walking paths. It will end at Edgerton Avenue. You can follow Edgerton Avenue to South Dallas Avenue. Turn Right at Wilkins Avenue and walk up Wilkins back to the Chatham Campus.

Walking Tour Directions: Schenley Park-Panther Hollow loop

Start by walking through Chatham Campus towards SQHL.

Walk up by Murray Avenue to Forbes Avenue. Turn right onto Forbes Avenue.

You will come to a “V” where Forbes continue to the right, and to the LEFT is Schenley Park. Go left.

Follow to road (there is a walking path along the side). It will intersect at Phipps Conservatory. Go LEFT. There are stairs that go DOWN next to the Schenley Park Visitor Center, lead to the Panther Hollow trails.

Take either the Upper or Lower trail. They will end at the same area. You will now be at the intersection of Barlett Street and Greenfield Road. Go up Barlett Street.

At the intersection with Murray Avenue, turn left and bead back to campus.

Walking tours from Chatham Apartments to nearby areas

During this time, it may be difficult to keep a schedule, or keep healthy. The Pennsylvania Department of Health recommends that you “keep yourself in shape by eating nutritious foods, not smoking, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep.”

We are going to share some walking tour loops from Chatham Apartments to nearby areas. Most of the walks take between 1 and 2 hours. Feel free to adapt to your own needs (longer/shorter- or to explore additional areas!) We encourage you to take walks and engage in physical activity, while social distancing. For nearly all of these routes, you will be able to avoid public spaces and groups of people. If you have the time, I recommend bringing a camera, a book to read, or a picnic.


Schenley Park-Panther Hollow loop: Schenley Park is a great area to go walking, play Frisbee, or to relax. It’s close to campus, and offers great views of Oakland and Downtown. There are several trails in Pather Hollow you can hike as well

(https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1pTVNY1DgjgTay5ZoZkW1xiFnRg&ll=40.43602854674707%2C79.94085005151442&z=16 )

Point Breeze Loop: Point Breeze is a nearby neighborhood. There are many beautiful houses and buildings. Right now, you can see many flowers and blooming trees.

Oakland- Carnegie Mellon Loop: Walk from your apartment down to Oakland and around Carnegie Mellon University.

Squirrel Hill- Homewood cemetery Loop: Homewood Cemetery is a large cemetery founded in 1878. Several important Pittsburgh figures are buried there, and there are many statues and beautiful graves. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homewood_Cemetery)

Frick Park Loop: Frick Park is another large green space in Pittsburgh. Where Schenley park has a lot of open areas, Frick has more trees and is popular with hiking, biking, and bird watching.

Please see our next couple posts in order to have more description about directions of these walking tours.