Your Business Wants to Be Social Too!

Apparently this is not a fad.

Social media continues to grow exponentially. The beginning of 2015 found that slightly over 40 percent of the world’s population is online and close to 30 percent have active social media accounts. We use this medium to keep in touch, share ideas, and persuade governments. The solutions that can be achieved appear limitless. So, with such a powerful tool at your fingertips, how are you using social media to grow your business?

My name is Mike and I have been in the marketing communications profession for 25 years, per-dating this electronic medium that has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. As a student at Chatham University in the Master of Professional Writing program, I explored this question as part of a bi-weekly, ten part blog series.

Together, let us explore a few of the more popular social sites and identify the pros and cons of each. I offer examples and best practices for presenting a strong profile for your business on that week’s platform. To wrap up the series, we look at the practice of blogging and how these four pieces combine to build a strong, cohesive marketing campaign for any size business.

It’s time to integrate your social media marketing and build your brand. Posting a profile and depending on a breeze to deliver it to your audience is hit-or-miss at best. Planning and execution hits each mark and securely plants the seed to grow a thriving business.

Begin your social media marketing journey with me now.

Social Media in the Breeze

5 Social Media Tips for Women Leaders


As we all know, social media plays a significant role in our professional and private lives.

Digital Marketing Leader, Amanda Munsch, recently wrote an article listing 5 Social Media Tips for Women Leaders to help leaders strengthen their online presence.

Ms. Munsch’s social media tips below aim to help women leaders take hold of their own personal brand and in some way pay it forward.

Tip #1 – Audit Your Online Presence

Tip #2 – Define Your Objectives & Boil Down Your Brand

Tip #3 – Clearly Demonstrate Your Passions

Tip #4 – Be Authentic & Engaging

Tip #5 – Put Yourself Out There

To learn more about each of the tips above, read Ms. Munsch’s 5 Social Media Tips for Women Leaders on Linkedin