Ten Taiwanese Women


Ten Taiwanese Women

Experienced Entrepreneurs in Small Restaurant and Lodging Businesses

Chatham University 2014 ASIANetwork-Freeman Research Team



Chloe Bell, Diana Cabrera, Ashley Henry, Kristina Hruska, Rachel McNorton, Sook Yee Leung, Karen S. Kingsbury, Charlotte E. Lott




Excerpt from the Introduction by Dr. Karen Kingsbury:

“In May and June of 2014, a Chatham College research team went from Pittsburgh to Taiwan to study women proprietors of small-scale restaurant and lodging businesses. Their research was both exploratory and disciplined, reaching out to new people in unfamiliar places while carefully following social science protocols for interview technique and data-recording.

The team, comprised of six undergraduate students and two professors, conducted interviews in central, southern, and eastern Taiwan, and also on the smaller island of Penghu. Inspired by a similar project con- ducted by Scott Simon and published as Sweet and Sour: Life-Worlds of Taipei Women Entrepreneurs (Rowman and Little eld, 2003), the Chatham researchers focused instead on smaller cities, well outside the capital megalopolis that Taipei has become. The women interviewed for this project are owners (or co-owners) of eleven different establishments. The interviewers asked about the general organization and pattern of each business, including considerations related to visual and spatial design; they also asked about any gender-equity issues the women had faced, the role of relationship networks in starting and maintaining a business, the impact of family dynamics, and the women’s own perceptions of and attitudes toward feminism. In addition, the researchers developed a printed survey questionnaire that was completed by each of the interviewees, along with about three dozen other women proprietors in a wider range of businesses.”


The above link will take you to a PDF of Ten Taiwanese Women. Print copies are available from Dr. Kingsbury.

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