Jon Wilson (Asian Studies)

Jon graduated from Chatham in December 2017 with a B.A. in Cultural Studies. He is on track to start an MFA in Nonfiction Writing in the fall, where his goal is to assist in the preservation and promotion of cultural stories. He is an assistant coach/instructor at Steel Dragon Martial Arts, where he teaches several different styles of Kung Fu, promote Chinese culture and philosophical traditions and perform Traditional Southern Chinese Lion Dance.

Advice to students interested in Asian studies: Take advantage of the resources that Chatham has to offer. Studying a different culture is one of the best ways to learn about ourselves, while opening our eyes to the diversity of the human experience. Professors in Chatham’s International Studies department can help students find conferences to attend or present papers, help students join local interest or language groups, and provide in-depth study of subjects that speak to the student’s particular interests. For those wanting to study abroad in Asia, there are many opportunities and initiatives designed to assist students, many of which come with funding and financial incentives aimed at attracting international applicants.

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